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*** Let’s Broom & Clean ***

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Children are good imitators like wise if they see you doing some chore and show interest to join in don’t hesitate. Handover and you may be left surprised by their adaptability of taking up new things efficiently.

Though we don’t expect them to do the chore all by themselves but like holding the broom or a cloth and moving it around the surfaces as per their flexibility is doable.

This will basically also inculcate a Hygiene discipline in keeping their things or place or toys clean in long run. So initially when sharav was small he use to take any hand towel or dry duster cloth and start cleaning anywhere.

However with time he started noticing how the house help use to everyday broom and mop the floors. Ever since Lockdown he’s been noticing us doing the same and naturally express that he wants to help.

So, I give him broom & dustpan for 5-10mins to self play and mind it is a normal broom. By his understanding level all i can expect in coming years this will become part of his Hygiene chores at home alleast in keeping his space of toys & books clean. 

This doesn’t need much efforts just involve them while you do it or someone does let them explore. Specially don’t sit to teach them how to broom they will never listen and not do it on their own.

Usually parents don’t give or hesitate to handover chores to kids but I beleive this are life skills and plays important role to value all kinds of work. We always want them to learn no work is big or small and the best example you can set at home.

This is not any activity just another usual thing we do around the house out of his interest. Incase you like my thoughts behind this do try and tag me.


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