*** Unknown Facts about Me ***

A lot of new faces on my page and so I thought of sharing few unknown facts about me as a part of my intro.

Here you go :-

✨ I Love watching South Indian Hindi Dub Movies.

✨ I believe to be creative with my ideas & executions.

✨ I am a hardcore chocolate lover yet losing weight.

✨ Of all the accessories rings & watches are my favourite.

✨ I can never cut my nails fully unless they break on their own.

✨ I love to stock on all kinds of Stationary items.

✨ I can easily drape a Saree within minutes.

✨ I have literally learnt cooking on YouTube except few from my mom’s.

✨ I enjoy going on hikes & a marathon runner for consecutive 5years.

✨ You can find me laughing out loud in my kind of crowd.

✨ Learning a bit of Lifestyle & Make – up is my new found interest.

This was about me let me know in comments what do we have in common or anything about yourself.

Let’s know eachother.


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One thought on “*** Unknown Facts about Me ***

  1. I had a misconception that South India movies are not good, but I start watching them and I start liking them. Sometimes I feel that they don’t do justice in Hindi dubbing. Sometimes I feel that they add their own dialogues which I don’t find right.


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