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*** Messy Painting Activity ***

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Until few days back this boy was not at all interested in colours and painting nor did I force him anyway. We took our time and let him explore his finger crayons.

One thing that helped me in introducing colouring to him was giving him A4 size drawing book. So with time he came to know colouring is done in a particular book. Slowly he started getting his stuff on his own book + crayons and started scribbling all over.

Also painting with water colours is fun with toddlers. I don’t have any paint brushes as yet and don’t feel the need as well for his age. But we use different tools to paint like small spoons, forks, fingers, thumbs, cotton swabs, sponge brushes etc. This just increases the fun quotient of painting.

He’s got his grip perfect in holding his crayons and enjoys doing it in his book. Scribbling is the start point to writing. Though we are in no hurry to write but his interest is growing in scribbling and no day goes without doing it.

At times it also encourages to create stories around the paintings. Suppose some day we painted trees and kept his animal figurines on that and he started weaving his own story around that. So a great way to keep them engaged and creative at same time.

Material source:-

🎨 Water colours from @fabercastell_india tempera paints safe for kids.

🖍️ Finger crayons @fabercastell_india
Kindergarten grasp crayons. (Though we are using hands down stuff for now but I have got this as well.)

This whole activity also helps kids to experiment with colours, express creativity and also enhances their motor skills.

Hope you connect with our messy idea of being cretaive and having fun.

Happy Colouring!

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