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*** Learning Colours ***

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Toddler’s are learning in every moment you spend with them. It’s either they pick some behavioural traits from you, some vocabulary, some routines etc.

Learning concept based things is what I had left loose because anyways by two he was to start with playschool and they would be teaching basic concepts to him.

Unlikely to the current situation seeing his urge to learn more and with no idea when the school may open or if we would send him not sure.

So we started with recognising colours few days back and he’s picking it well from then. Few things that helped him grasp colours are – Name the object with the colour like Blue Shirt, Black hair, White shoes, Brown chocolate etc. This helps them associate the colours with the object.

Secondly picture books and asking randomly which colour. Keep repeating them daily in every other conversation bring red bat, have orange juice etc.

This particular activity we did was scavenger hunt with colours. Gathered all things of same colour and we started singing on the baby finger rhyme… Green colour green colour where are you.

He loves this song and it interested him more in engaging in the play and learn. Similarly we did for other colours as well. Also I asked him few questions like where green bird, green bus again allowing him to recognise objects & colours both.

My over all idea of doing activities with him is to make it fun learning and not just do it for the sake. If sometimes he’s not interested we just put it away and chill and try and find what he wants to do at that moment.

Hope you like our little activity on learning colours.

Happy Learning!

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