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*** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

Time has indeed flown by with him growing up so fast.

Beleive me the first six months are the most exhausting in terms of feeding & sleep patterns but the next month’s are full of fun and unlearning with them everyday.

I started baby wearing when he was four months old not before because I had lower back pains then due to C-sec. We enjoyed wearing it for few months after that it was difficult to carry him in the carrier.

With his growing need of movements and once he started walking baby wearing never happened again. Also we had no travel plans as such that we could use this carrier.

At times when, I used it was amazing time with him we literally played, danced and had outings with this carrier. All of such good memories just made me feel nostalgic.

Also that’s my postpartum body until I started getting fit again. Looking back to my postpartum pictures it feels a long journey in itself.

So with a bulgy body + low self esteem it needs lot of self courage to start from zero again. Nothing comes easy and all it takes is some efforts and time to get back to yourself.

Just remember ‘this too shall pass’ easier said then done we need to work on it to make it pass and come out stronger.


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