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*** Pretend Play with Toddlers ***

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Sharav is blessed to have cousin sisters to grow up in a joint family set up. They play all day around with each other and so they don’t feel the boredom easily.

Since now a days we can’t step out and meet his other friend’s. Slowly he started getting close to soft toys & speaks to them as if some close friend.

Again we use rhymes almost in every play is what I realised when I sit to compile the video for my activity post. Here I am singing a gujarati rhyme ‘Ek Biladi Jaadi’ meaning ‘One Fat Cat’.

I Love the way he held the cat throughout the song and cared and asking the crocodile not to eat her. This small acts fill compassion in them in a long way.

Also making use of his swing it’s fun to see him play around with them alone. Like wise now all soft toys have become his friend’s when he wishes to play alone.

Sometimes giving them space and some self – play time also helps boost their imagination and thinking ability. Also a great way to keep him engaged when I have to do some work.

Soft toys & Figurines are the safest for toddlers to play even if left alone at times.

This is how our most of the afternoons are spent before putting him to nap we sing, story tell and then he takes his daytime nap.

Happy Playing!

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