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*** Wash & Strain Activity ***

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This is a very simple yet interesting activity for toddlers. All you need to do is take a tub or bucket. Make some bubble water (Add little kids shampoo) and just mix it well and bubbles might form.

Now bring their toys, animal figurines or balls whatever that might interest your toddler. Keep this as an invitation set up in your bathroom or a area where if water spills it’s easier to clean.

So now bubbles + toys attracts them and they will start either splashing the water and then start putting toys in the water. Both ways they are doing a fun water activity.

To add more fun factor once they have played enough with bathing or cleaning their toys in bubbles water. You can give them a strainer or a laddle to transfer their toys back to clean water or another tub.

This tranfer activity would ensure they put use of their cognitive skills, physical coordination of hand – eyes to work while having fun.

All things you would need –

👉 Toys, Figurines, Balls etc
👉 Bubble water
👉 Bucket or tub
👉 Strainer / Laddle

Usually we do this activity before he takes a bath and mostly when I plan to clean his toys. This ensures both the purpose are served and he gets to involve in cleaning with some fun factor.

Happy Splashing!

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