World Menstrual Hygiene day – 28th May, 2020

This day in particular is celebrated to create awareness on how a woman or a girl should be empowered to manage her menstruation safely & hygienically.

Even though we are in a year of pandemic and crisis the awareness on this topic can’t be ignored. All we need to do is openly educate our children and adults around if need be.

Adults because even if a gender who is not bleeding is responsible for providing proper care and support to the women in their life during their Menstrual cycle.

To be honest there are still many places in our country where women are facing poor menstruation hygiene due to lack of proper sanitization facilities, Poor education on such topics also facing stigma & taboo for something as natural as bleeding.

The available resources for carrying out a healthy cycle are –

🩸 Sanitary Pads
🩸 Tampons
🩸 Menstrual cup’s
🩸 Cloth pads

It’s a matter of fact that most of the women have now shifted to sanitary pads for their ease and comfort. Would you beleive me if I say Menstrual cup is much more comfortable and sustainable.

I personally started using it from last year and so far my experience has been pretty good in terms of hygiene as well as comfort.

Menstrual cup is basically a funnel shaped cup made of rubber or silicon used for collecting the blood.

How did I came to know and how did I decide to go for it, my experience everything coming up in the next post.

Until then
Happy Bleeding!

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