*** All About Menstrual Cups ***

In continuation to my last post on Menstrual Cups here to share my side of the story.

Honestly, how did I came to know about Menstrual Cups is when I saw a Video of @diapers_and_lipsticks explaining about them. That’s when it gave me confidence to go for cups.

After that I myself researched more on this and read few articles and watched few YouTube videos as well. This ways I was sure before buying one and using it for myself.

Cupverting may not be easy at first but with practise and proper insertion it can do wonders to your period days. It not only is safe to use but also a sustainable product in long run.

Few Benefits that I would like to highlight:-

🩸 Made of Silicon
🩸 Sustainable in long run
🩸 Not expensive
🩸 Comes in different sizes
🩸 Easy to carry anywhere
🩸 Safe & Comfortable to use
🩸 No Rashes & No Odours

I have been using cups for almost a year now and sometimes there are minor issues of leaking but overall it gives me a comfort. You can always use a pad whenever you are unsure of the placement of cup & on heavy flow days.

The usage is also very simple just when your cycle starts you need to sterilize the cup and use it and after your cycle is over again sterilize and keep it back. In between you just need to wash it under running water with soap.

You get lot of options on amazon do check the sizes before buying one.

I hope my experience would of help for you to cupvert in a way creating less waste on our planet.

Let me know if my post was of help to you in any way. Thanks!

Until then
Happy Periods!

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