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*** Two Wild Years Of Parenting ***

Looking back to the times when we were reluctant to the questions on family planning. To becoming one and dawning into parenting feels like a wild journey in itself.

It seems a little while ago we had him in our arms and in a blink he’s already two. Even though it feels like a blink now it was never so easy on parenting side.

It almost felt like a fresher taking on a job role which he/she weren’t prepared for yet. Also meant without any prior training and theoretical knowledge jumping in this field.

Never mind we always had people around us to help us sail through life’s most important roles. Also parents who thought of writing / making videos on topics that I used to search online when in doubt.

The transition from a young couple to a young parent happened in swift when this little boy filled our lives with his toothless smile and gibberish talks.

Being new parents there are chances you may disagree on things, agrue on useless topics, regret some decision, but are also buying fancy stuff for kids. You may call this few side effects of new parents.

Picking your parenting style is again something that would  play an important role in raising your kids. 

What kind of parenting style you choose for your kids?  Will share mine in  the next post.

Until then
Happy Parenting!

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