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*** Combined Parenting Style ***

To continue from my last post in which i asked about which parenting style you choose. Many of you answered liberal, flexible, depends on situation etc.

Basically there are different parenting styles that we can possibly adapt. Since you become a new parent there is no such manual that teaches you or instructs you to be so and so type of a parent.

It all comes naturally when your parent role starts and you learn from your mistakes. We have seen our parents, other parents, siblings as parents so definitely we try and mostly adapt from their styles.

Only when you are a little more confident in handling your child and reciprocation starts from both sides you start getting hints. Slowly as your child grows you also grow and evolve around their needs and choices.

This is when you need to focus on what style of parenting you need to adapt that suits you and your child. I personally like to follow ‘Authoritative & Millennial Parenting Styles’. 

To raise a child in a generation of social media you need to be liberal as well as disciplined with them.

Authoritative Parenting Style is characterised by high responsiveness and high demands.

When parents are responsive to the child’s emotional needs while having high standards. They set limits and are very consistent in enforcing boundaries.

Millennial Parents are, broadly speaking, relatively confident in their ability to parent and have an enormous amount of resources to draw on for parenting tips, thanks to the internet, social media.

Combining Parenting style may result in:-

👪 Kids tend to be happy and content.

👪 Are independent and self-reliant.

👪 Develop good social skills.

👪 Have a good emotional regulation and self-control.

👪 Express warmth and co-operate with peers.

👪 Explore a new environment without fear.

👪 Are competent and assertive.

However, I feel Parenting style may change after a point according to your situations and it can be difficult to stick to only one style of parenting.

Let me know in comments which style of parenting suits you and your family better.

Happy Parenting!

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