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*** A Space called Family ***

The day you become parents is also the day you become a family. Like a new promotion in life to be responsible for another little human’s needs and happiness that came through you.

Family isn’t made in a day it takes time where you bond, care, share, fight and love yet stick to eachother. A space where all our life’s dimensions fit in perfectly.

The little things we do without saying helps form a better bond within our family.

A family is a your personal space you create while doing all of these below things together.

To notice your own traits in your child is when you feel proud or happy.

To celebrate and double eachothers happiness.

Excited to surprise your spouse or child on their special day.

When you end up singing the same rhymes for the n number of times in a day.

When you both realise there is no escape to child’s potty calls.

Where you don’t mind to work together as a parenting team.

When you crazily dance on baby shark do do do… (Don’t start singing now)

When you don’t hesitate to imbibe discipline and routine in your child’s life.

Where you respect each other’s different opinions on parenting.

When you feel proud to hear about your child’s good deeds & manners.

To be able to give your child space and explore his own  personality.

To give eachother as much Love and respect like before being parents.

Basically, A space where you stretch yourself to all ends of life until you are content with eachother.

Happy Family!

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