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*** Two Many Milestones ***

The second year went in such a swift. I could hardly document any of his major milestones. Today, I take this day to highlight the things he does or knows before he turns Two tomorrow.

He speaks in Four languages already – Kutchi, Gujarati, English & Hindi. He can form sentences and communicates well in all Four languages.

He loves doing various activities from when he turned 20months. We try and do minimum one activity a day since then. Majorly our activities are montessori based.

He can recite almost more than 20+ English, 10+ Hindi & Gujarati Rhymes. He’s a major fan of Finger Family and can almost twist the rhyme to all animal names as well.

He can very well recognise and name more then 60+  Species ( Wild & Farm Animals, Aquatic, Birds, Insects). Also he’s a major fan of Elephant & Bear.

He’s majorly fascinated by Cartoons namely – Masha & The Bear, Chota Bheem & Mickey Mouse.  Also he loves watching @cocomelon_official  Rhymes on YouTube.

He loves helping in house chores be it folding laundry, helping in kitchen or cleaning the house. He’s got full freedom to explore his potential and develop Life skills.

He loves making his own stories when we do picture readings or while making him sleep. Already buliding his vocabulary from everyone around in all possible languages.

He loves playing alone at times and cutting vegetables is one of his favourite pretend play toy. Next comes animal figurines and then Blocks.

He’s self reliant in few of his routine habits like Brushing, Eating, Drinking, Combing, Wearing Shoes. Working on wearing & removing his own clothes, Bathing, Washing hands.

He’s diaper free from a year in day-time but yet not potty trained because we still need time. Also he’s completely weaned off Breastfeeding last month. (detailed blog soon)

He can recognise all Colours & Shapes. Also knows basic about nature to name them trees, plants, flowers, water, Sun, Sky, Stars, Moon & Earth. He can also name 10+ vehicles, recognises cutlery items, operate few latches.

He now happily takes interest in colouring & painting. Also loves doing any craft related activities. He likes to scribble all over and so he’s only asked to use a chalk and wipe it wherever he scribbles.

He understands all instructions and responds well to all of them. Though everything can’t be so nice all the time. We did and still are facing terrible two tantrums in between.

The list seems never ending for a mother to describe her child’s milestones and so I will stop here.


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