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*** Terrible yet Terrific Two Birthday ***

Past one week, I have blogged each day to make this week more special and give meaning to our beautiful photoshoot captures.

Sharav is blessed to get wishes from so many people who love to see him grow via my Blogs.

We had a Lovely birthday celebration at home but my little brat felt bit terrible seeing everyone (his cousins & Mama) after a long time and got clingy and whinned for a while until we got tired of distracting him.

Needless to say everything was getting messed up and it almost made me cry seeing him this way on his special day. I almost thought to give up on celebrations that I changed his clothes to normal casual ones.

And after a point he was feeling okay and then we got the cake so that attracted him and only time when he fully enjoyed his cake cutting. So nowhere you would find him smiling in pictures until he got hang of people around.

After sometime all was great he enjoyed unwrapping his gifts and was overjoyed to recieve them. So all’s well that ends well.

So in a way it was a terrible start with tantrums but ended in a terrific way with his Jungle theme cake and gifts. Also after seeing pictures later, I felt ok all the drama happened was worth the pictures.

My learning from yesterday – No matter how much ever grand or simple you plan for your kids sometimes it going to be messed up and you need to deal with it.

Will be sharing more on birthday part in coming post.


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