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*** Birthday Special Activity Marathon ***

To make his second birthday more special, I planned few activities for his pre-birrhday week around the Animal theme. We made sure to do one such activity for the day and that would be fun learning.

Just sharing the activity details below you may save this post. Sharing below glimpse & details of all the activities.

1. Animal Feeding Box – Re-used an amazon cardbox and covered it with a colour paper. Made the mouth openings and sticked animal face mask above them. Just gave him to play and he figured out he needs to feed them. I kept two wild & two farm animals alternate.

2. Rescue the Animals – Tied the animal figurines with any ribbons or thread. This gives them an opportunity for complex thinking and also working on fine motor skills. It was fun to see him trying hard and then with a little help it was good fun.

3. Animal Puppets Craft – Just got few Animal Printouts cut them. Took some popsicles and a fevicol. He enjoyed sticking, pressing & drying them. Later we covered them with Washi tapes to make it look attractive. Also this was later used for story making session.

4. Animal and their Foods – I had got this printable long back on my email and saved for future use. So got them to use printed and since couldn’t laminate stuck them between two plastic sheets with fevicol. Sturdy enough for a toddler.

And cut-outs were stuck on a cardboard so even that was firm enough to hold and place. He quickly picked up the facts and enjoyed doing it multiple times.

5. Animal Sensory Tray – This was a basic sensory way to engage him. Took some plain rice placed some artificial grass and animal figurines. He was quiet busy with it for half an hour. He made them drink water and fed food. Then later gave him spoon & bowl to transfer rice.

6. Animal Parade – This was the easiest yet boring one for him. He hardly enjoyed it and just played for few minutes. Stick washi tapes and ask them to line up animals on the lines. Make as many pattern lines and make it interesting mine was clearly not interested in this one may be later.

These were few of the activities that kept him busy throughout the birthday week.



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