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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 1 ***

Before talking about weaning, I would like to put some light on my breastfeeding experience.

Everyone is aware how important is breast milk for an infants growth & development. But certainly not an only option in today’s times. So it becomes very easy to shift to formula when it gets tough at times to continue.

In my case, when I delivered sharav was fed formula for first 2 days. Because I was not aware of the thing that even if it is a C-sec the baby has to be kept on mother’s breast immediately after delivery to latch on colostrum (Nor the doc or hospital cared to do so).

After delivery my left side of the body had terrible cramps all over hands & legs. After few test, it came out as B12 deficiency and had to take injections.

All my thoughts were about how will I hold my baby and feed him. In starting it was so consuming that I felt pain all over my body that I never had in my entire life.

Good three months in pain & alongside completing the course. It wasn’t an easy start but we took our time to be comfortable with each other and bond over breastfeeding.

WHO recommends minimum two years of breastfeeding but now a days doctor say atleast breastfed till six months until baby starts with solids.

So going by the guidelines, I kept convincing myself yes a little more time and just like that we completed 23 months of breastfeeding last month.

I have literally breastfed him in all possible places and never shyed away. So in a way I am also proud of myself to be able to carry this beautiful journey for so long with my baby.

An adventurous journey that made me stronger with time. ❤️

More on #breastfeeding and #weaning in next post…

Let me know how was your early breastfeeding experience?


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