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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

While breastfeeding is seen as a beautiful phase to be fulfilled by a mother. It is more of overwhelming and consuming role for any mother. There can be so many guilts while you can or cannot breastfeed your child. Every mother strives to give the best to her child.

There were times it use to get tiring and exhausting to wake up many times to comfort my baby. Then as he grew he started biting at times and that use to be painful. But it was all still worth it because now we were bonding and comforting in eachother’s warmth.

This phase gave us all the reasons to bond and provide as much as I can to my baby. He could anytime crawl up and start feeding just as it was meant to be. But like every beautiful phase has to end one day our Journey too ended.

So we went gently and slowly because this was the biggest transition that we both were going to undergo. Weaning is again like a tough phase for both. There are many ways you can choose to wean.

Sharav never took bottle feed whenever we tried giving he just refused taking it. He was habituated to sleep with feed and this is where my main struggle was going to start.

Eventually, i started skipping his daytime feeds. It worked and then suddenly one day I tried making him sleep without feed by diverting him by singing songs, rhymes and story telling.

Rocking him in my lap worked to put him to sleep for afternoons. Tried this for two three days and then onwards even the daytime feeds were stopped. Now the only concern was to wean him of night feeds the most difficult part.

After a month of weaning him off daytime, I tried him to divert for night feeds but failed miserably twice. After that it felt impossible to wean him for nights so I dropped the idea for few months.

So I stopped his daytime feed when he was 19months old and then after four months we finally succeeded last month. 

Now how that happened and what worked for us to finally wean completely coming up in next post.


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