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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

Weaning is something that needs emotional readiness from both the mom & baby. There is no particular timeline when the weaning happens. It all depends when the mom feels or the baby shows the signs of self weaning.

At times, it does happen that breastfeeding has to be stopped due to mother’s health or Mother joining back work. But that again is totally a choice that we make. Daytime weaning is again easier because they start having solids and are active whole day.

After certain period night time feeding is totally based on the child’s comfort and not due to hunger. So even if they are fed properly and tired they will wake up just to get the warmth and comfort from mother’s breast. This can be due to their growth spurts also due to some discomfort at times.

When sharav was completely weaned off daytime, I took it slow and decided to night wean after few days or months. Because sudden weaning can affect their emotions. Now how to wean was the biggest struggle because I see mom’s sleep train their kids by 7-8 months itself.

This was new challenge for me because in india we hardly sleep train our kids and usually co-sleep with them until they turn certain age. So with co-sleeping and not able to leave him to sleep with someone was very challenging situation.

Once, I tried by applying moringa powder and said him that mumma got boo and it’s paining. But that din’t work again after sometime he started feeding on that itself. So this is how you get a taste of your own ideas backfiring while weaning

So, I left hopes of night weaning for few months. Last month so happened that a honeybee bit my hand and it got swollen and painful for two days. I just took this opportunity to make sharav aware that honeybee bites and it gets hurt so badly. He also applied cream on my hand so it gets well soon.

Everyday, i use to ask him who bit mumma and he said honeybee. There on he knew honeybee bites badly and it pains. Taking this hint one night, I said him honeybee came again and bit me and now i can’t feed him because it’s paining much. At first he didnt understand much then again I applied moringa powder paste and showed him he even tasted it but rejected.

The starting two – three nights he woke up 3-4 times and cried but after tapping and rocking slept again. After a week he started sleeping well without asking for feeds. In between when he did ask for it but again same story I repeated and after few days he left asking as well.

I guess the honeybee bit was lucky to get me through this phase. So it was a win win situation without making him much cry and making him understand about the pain. Mostly after 20-22 months they understand major things we say and that can be the time you can pick to make them understand and wean off.

This was a major milestone we hit before turning two. Thank you for reading along!


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