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*** Hair Donation – Part 1 ***

After my school days, this is the first time ever I have gone this short. My childhood buddies can easily recollect my boy cut looks during school times.

Later on love for long hair grew, my hair have since then been through lot of haircuts, colouring, straightening, various treatments etc. Hair gave me confidence, boosted my beauty and definitely my most loved body part.

What made me go for Hair Donation??

Doing such kind of an act doesn’t come naturally you need to get an inspiration and lots of courage to give a part of yourself to someone. Purely to bring little joy to their hard journey while enduring enough trauma and pain.

While so much wrong is happening this year, it made me think if I had to do one such karma before not seeing the near future what it could be? And the answer was within me.

While, I learnt about hair donation through @hetalcdedhia and how beautifully my five year old niece donated her long hair with a smile on her face. It just gave me a push to accept the fact ok it’s the most loved part of my body but it shall grow back with time.

We as a society give so much importance to looks that chopping your hair cut short is not taken so positively and people start judging you. But at the same time if you yourself feel confident please be a change and show the world beauty isn’t bound by looks anymore.

Specially for people who suddenly loose hair due to cancer it all the more brings down their self esteem and pushes them more into trauma. So this gave me an opportunity to be of help to one such person in my lifetime and i did it right away.

Today putting this out here on my blog is purely to share my experience and inspire people to do more such acts and start giving back to society in their own little way.

Starting off with my new sharp & edgy look.

But tell me, do I look any less beautiful??

More on hair Donation coming in next post.

~ Konica

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