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*** My take on Home-schooling ***

I am not an expert in this topic but would like to share my experience of past few months. Parents of toddlers age 2-5yrs can easily homeschool their kids irrespective of any online classes or any prior experience in teaching.

We have so much information on our finger tips if used wisely with little research you can yourself design a curriculum for your kids. There doesn’t need to be a standard curriculum to be followed.

You can pick and choose topics as per your child’s interest and some you can introduce that may interest them later. So point here is to give them open opportunities to explore learning while in home environment.

Mentioning few things that help them pick up concepts faster:-

🧮 Sing Along – There are tons of rhymes to sing you know best which your kid likes to hear. Keep singing whenever wherever eventually one day you will be hearing them sing it on their own. You can even go on to make your own rhymes with twisting words with some tunes.

🧮 Play Along – Children at this age would love to self play at times but you can join them in setting up some pretend play station like farm animal set up or sea animals in water. They learn so much from pretend play. It can be anything you feel like playing with them.

🧮 Move Along – It can be dance, yoga, exercise, running, walking, jumping, skipping etc. So many things we can do indoors with them. You can also set up a hurdle race, sack race etc to make it more fun. This will take care of their physical movements and growth.

🧮 Read Along – Reading is the best therapy with your child. You can get lost into words and stories with so much voice modulation. I bet you won’t get embarass while reading in different voice tones with your kids. They won’t judge you. Make it an easy going thing let them pick and choose also allowing to self read (even if picture read).

🧮 Activities – Not that you need to be an expert for that you can invent your own activities. If not then there tons of people selling ready made Activity boxes & kits age wise. So once in a while doing activities won’t harm your busy schedule it could be a stress buster for you. Our’s are mostly focused on developing fine & gross motor skills.

🧮 Flashcards – This is something they would probably start playing and recognising once introduced. All basic concepts Flashcards are available but you can always make your own version if you have a printer/scanner or good drawing skills. 

🧮 Dedicated Play space – Never knew it’s importance before, I set up one for sharav. It’s his own space and he has full liberty to explore his things. All things kept at child’s level for easy access so they learn to play on their own and also clean up after the mess. Also helps them decide with which toy to play or which book to read.

🧮 Involvement –  It can be involving them in cleaning, cooking, chopping/sorting veggies, folding laundry, drying clothes, organising etc. This skills are best inculcated through practise and no better place than home. At this age they shall pick all these as their normal routine if involved properly.

🧮 Learning 24*7 – In every play, every read, every moment they are learning constantly. You need to feed their curious minds and interest all day. Sometimes it would be through proper teaching and sometimes self learning. Try and make them independent enough in their routine task.

🧮 Art Therapy – Art can be anything you create on your own. You can start with colour painting, crafting, decorating, mending worn-out books, gift wrapping etc. Atleast once in a week keep one such art Session where they can bring their imaginations on paper. It can be relieving to their overwhelmed minds at times.

🧮 Spiritualism – Start with small mantras & shlokas. Explaining the meaning of prayer and how grateful we should be for this life. Recite prayers while sleeping and waking up. Also start chanting Om 2mins with closed eyes. This will keep them calm and go a long way with them.

As of now with the current scenario with still no house helps it becomes difficult to follow a set routine. So we do all these in between and some along with the chores.

I believe children are very adaptive but demanding at the same time so you need to find your balance to give the best of learning experience to your kids.

I hope my take on Home-schooling might give you some light on how to go about Homeschooling without worrying and stressing much on academic part.


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