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*** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

I am sure we all are so eager to make them learn & talk early. But once they start talking it’s like how much more they want to speak at once. Then we definitely need to channelise their eagerness to learn and talk new words.

As we have been using flashcards from past few months he’s got use to learning from them and now it doesn’t take him much time to pick up words once taught.

The key is to keep repeating and asking them whenever and wherever. Show them about the objects they see in books and how it looks in real. Also we got our hands on this pre-loved flashcards.

Some of the benefits of introducing flashcards are :-

📑 Increases their visual interpretation.

📑 Helps in cognitive development.

📑 Stimulates their thinking ability.

📑 Helps building their vocabulary.

📑 Builds confidence while speaking.

Since, I don’t want to stress on teaching him alphabets right now. I just thought of starting with recognising the objects and later it would be easier for him to pick alphabet sounds as well. It’s been only twice or thrice we did this and now he’s enjoying learning this way.

Also sometimes he himself gets them and starts naming them on his own. So overall it’s a great way to increase their vocabulary and have fun.

Similarly, I am also looking forward to introduce him to hindi & gujarati Flashcards. Before learning any foreign language, I would want him to learn about our indian languages.

What is your take on introducing Indian languages over foreign language to them???


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