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*** Benefits of Using Pre-loved Stuff ***

This was yesterday night that my boys discovered to have fun under the mat. Look at his naughty self enjoying and goofing inside the mat.

The simplest of joys are always found around us we just need to look for it. This boy who never gives me any pose for photos sat excitedly to pose for me to click.

He spent good 25-30mins just playing around this mat himself. In short he discovered a great self play activity in itself. I am happy to see him find joys in things that are pre-loved.

Yes, this mat is a pre-loved stuff. Children outgrow their toys and books in few months and we are blessed to have cousins to pass on few of their loved possessions.

Kid’s find joy in anything new you introduce them to doesn’t matter if it’s new or used. Similarly re – using stuff allows you to utilise the resource fully.

Listing few benefits of using pre-loved stuff –

💫Have new varieties added in your collection.

💫 Use it anyhow your pocket won’t hurt.

💫 Full utilisation of the resource.

💫 Helps build habit of reusing things.

💫 Pass it on to someone in need.

💫 Kids Learn to let go of their possessions.

Believe me you will save a lot just by reusing stuff that are in good condition be it clothes, toys, books etc rather than spending on for new each time.

Similarly after using them we pass onto people who might still use it happily like our house helps, drivers, office boy’s family. You never know how much happiness they feel while receiving stuff from you.

We do buy him new stuff but not everytime and anytime. There has to be a need or occasion for that which might help him understand the basics of buying going forward.

Also on that note would you guys like to see our toys collection???
Let me know in comments, I would plan a series on our toys accordingly.


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