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*** Self Care Body – Mind – Soul 2.0 ***

A little self care never hurts but to find that time for yourself might not be easy after becoming a mom. Specially in these times when you’re already loaded with enough on your plate.

The way this body has transformed over the past two years is magical in itself. Without any exclusive workouts, yoga or exercise but only walks & clean eating. I haven’t talked much about my weight loss journey or shared my side of story.

Since, I am starting on working on my body – mind – soul again (hence 2.0) with some more efforts this time also no more BF & Night wake ups. I thought will keep sharing few snippets from my home workouts whatever little I know and may learn with time.

Certainly putting this today out here will keep me reminding about my goals and not give up. Being fit and healthy all is in our hands and to work towards it is in our minds.

Still a long way to go, I have just lost the extra weight but still need to work on my core strength, flabby arms & tummy.  Happiness is to own your flaws and flaunt them to feel Comfortable in your skin.

Hopefully this might as well motivate more moms to get fit and fabulous. ❤️

Let me know in comments would you like to see more of fitness on my feed?

~ Konica

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