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***Endure your Post – Exercise Soreness ***

It’s been three days, I started with home workout  and taking it slow but my legs(thighs) are sore and in pain due to the lunges & squats that I dared to do yesterday.

This is called post exercise soreness it usually peaks  48 -72 hours after exercise. The body is in process to repair the muscle fibres that were torn during the exercise.

Extreme soreness can happen anytime you do something your muscles aren’t familiar or used to doing. One mistake people do here is taking pain – killers for relieving from the pain.

Few things which can help reduce your soreness:-

1. Keep Moving Lightly – Soreness doesn’t mean you take complete bed rest. Increased blood flow is required to speed up the repair process.

2. Hydrate yourself – Dehydration can increase your soreness and hence you need to keep drinking lot of water.

3. Light Stretching – It helps in release tightness and increase your range of motion. If you’re in too much pain you can skip it as well.

4. Take your Proteins –  Protein is a critical nutrient for building and maintaining muscle, so it plays a huge role in helping your muscles recover from any workout.

5. Ice Packs – Ice can help reduce any swelling that comes along with soreness which may be a pain causing element.

While you’re recovering, it’s also important to watch for signs of something more serious. If your pain doesn’t start improving after a couple of days  it can be a sign that you’re actually injured and need to see a doctor.

Hope this information helps and you don’t give up just because of the pains that come along the exercises.

Until then,
Happy Workouts!


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