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*** Enjoy the Process ***

Fitness is no less than any process that includes lots of learnings, improving, practising & most importantly making it a way of life.

Tracing my fitness journey that started 8years ago it’s been a roller coaster ride until now. There was a time I use to rush to gym after my office and sweat it out. I so miss those days and gym vibes.

On an average, my body usually plays around 10 -12 kgs up & down. Two years ago after delivery my weight shoot up like anything obviously due to many reasons.

In next six months, I started eating conciously with some irregular walks. This helped me break the weight gain anymore and slowly results started showing. Although, I was too lazy to do home workouts because somewhere still my back hurted then.

During the lockdown all these three months, i had done almost every ghar ka kaam and that din’t let my body gain any extra weight irrespective of eating n number of food varieties.

Until now, I kept giving myself all the reasons for not doing it. It’s like a self awakening now that my toddler has grown up and now sleeps well that gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I thought this is the right time to start giving myself that much needed attention that now even my toddler doesn’t bother to give me. 🤣 Jokes apart mom’s don’t forget your babies will grow up but it’s you who will suffer with health later.

So all you need to do is analyse and adjust your timings and get going with whatever little you can it can be normal walks, stretches, yoga, eating right, few exercises etc.

Next new thing, I am daring to do is meditation. I can sit quietly for hours but if you say close your eyes and focus oh god why does this mind has to wander so much. Difficult yet trying to bring myself down to focus that 5-10mins everyday.

But for now all I want to communicate is enjoy the process and the result may follow.


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