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*** How can you Start Homeschooling ***

The pandemic has sure let me the confidence to homeschool my two year old. We got two options from his playschool to either take a drop & get 90% Fees refund Or Start with online schooling.

We choose to take a drop because at two years of age i can’t expect him to sit at a place, pay attention & follow the instructions. Secondly we have been doing activities already so that was a plus point.

His willingness to learn and curiosity to discover has let me do some research and arrange resources for him to learn it in a much better way.

Some things that we have been following for making our days productive are –

📃 Timing – For toddlers learning can never be time bound because they are actively grasping to all the information around them by listening, observing, repeating & finally doing.

📃 Follow their lead – Take clues from their growing interest and gradually introduce new concepts. This will help you plan things better & in a manner that interests them.

📃 Be their Guide – At this age they love doing things on their own the best time to make them self reliant with daily habits like Brushing, Eating, Keeping things in place etc. This will be a major win once they get habitual to take care of themselves.

📃 Lot of Play – Play is their way to learn it can be in any form – self play, constructive play, focused play, pretend play etc. This allows them to enjoy their own sweet time to learn & discover about new things.

📃 Activities – It’s ok if you’re not able to make or arrange that many activities for them. You will get lot of real life activities around the house (mainly kitchen). It can be cleaning, washing, stacking, sorting, physical activities etc. It doesn’t really need much to keep them engage.

📃 Research – You need to research and learn and find few sources from where you can get ideas to do any activity or any concept. Google & Pinterest will be of your great help. You can yourself invent great things as well.

As parents we have the primary responsibility of raising them & homeschooling gives you all the reasons to do it in a more appropriate manner. 


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