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*** Homeschooling Approach in India ***

My previous two post where about ‘How to Start Homeschooling’ & ‘Homeschooling Checklist’ today, I am going to speak about the approach.

Sharing information that I had to research and have tried to put the information in a simpler format.

If you haven’t checked my previous two post on home-schooling do it now and follow my page for more such content. Thanks!

In India there are majorly 4 methods of Homeschooling followed –
1. Traditional School at home – This is what most of the schools have started with a schedule  online set time table grade wise making it school at home environment. If not online then parents set a specific time table to study at home like that of a school.

2.  Waldorf – The Focus is on experiential learning by setting up daily routine that includes free Play, artistic work, circle time, practical task with rhythmic variations overall creating opportunities for imaginative play.

4. Montessori – This approach basically attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally & cognitively. It involves free activity within a prepared environment that allows the child to develop independence in all areas according to his psychological directives.

5. Unschooling Method – Here the children learn through their natural life experiences. Their education is not directed by a teacher or curriculum. Parents act as facilitators in providing resources and help them navigate. 

Mostly Waldorf & Montessori are available in school set up as well. Personally, I am inspired by montessori way of learning.

Every Homeschooling is unique as per your family set up & routines. Once you set your goals on what you want to focus learning would follow.

I hope my this little research is able to give you some idea on exactly which approach to follow.

Until then,
Happy Homeschooling!

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