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*** Our Existence ***

Why are we here? I still ask this question to myself before putting out any content or information about us on this platform. I am sure even people who know me would have this question in their minds.

Basically, I love social media and even if I wasn’t blogging earlier used to upload my or family pictures as per occasions which I believe is what most of us do normally.

Back when, I delivered sharav and was home all day taking care of my baby I use to scroll through Instagram and only then I came to know how instagram is not only a place for private accounts and actually so much more can be done here.

Slowly, I switched my personal ac to a personal blog that gave me opportunities to connect with several other mommies on this platform.

Eventually with time i understood blogging & instagramming are two different things. I had to decide what exactly I need to focus and grow as a blogger.

I went ahead and created my blog on wordpress and started writing slowly which again let me realise my potential of writing. I have been very slow in over these two years in terms of posting, writing & sharing things.

But somehow after the Lockdown, I have found that balance between home, baby & blogging. My level of consistency has increased with time and so I prefer to post most often nowadays.

Coming back to the question why are we here? Over the time I have realised my mistakes and have time and again analysed what better I can do with my page.

Earlier, I use to share my experiences as a new mother and now I share all things around Parenting, Homeschooling, Toddler Activities, Fitness & Our Lifestyle.

Little_born_tales is more like a passion to me. It not only keeps me motivated but at the same time gives me opportunity to inspire others as well.

My this little passion has achieved few milestones that I will be sharing in my next post. I am happy we are growing in our own little ways with time and patience.

Until then keep supporting, following & sharing your feedbacks.


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