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*** Overall Growth ***

As continued from my last post sharing the things that has let me equip myself with various skillset. It’s like I had them already and have also used it few times but with blogging it’s usage has enhanced with time.

1. Writing Skills – In my dreams, I never imagined writing so much that I have written in this last two years. I was never confident about writing just went with the flow and over the time it has improved for good.

2. Editing Apps – I have been using various photo editing apps for personal use before but have now learnt about few more and deliberately using them for my content creation. This includes Photos, Videos, Making different creatives, Story Formats etc.

3. Self Hosted Website – I knew nothing about websites and their hosting. Thanks to wordpress and their paid plans. Lot of research from the scratch on the usage of the site until my eyes popped-out literally thankful to be able to display a decent website.

4. Technicalities – Now if you feel a bloggers work is over by posting one picture on Instagram let me break your assumption. If I am putting my time on something definitely I need to analyse it’s worth regularly. I still have a long way to learn in this section.

5. Multitasking – This is nothing new but when you gotta raise not one but two babies you got to prioritise and work accordingly. One is a human I can’t ignore and one is my online baby which most of people around ignore bluntly. Never mind I know what I gotta do so self motivated blogger in making. 藍

6. Entrepreneur Skills – This is huge and lately have realised, I have been putting all of my MBA learnings & experience into maintaining my Blog. There is nothing that I don’t do like a new startup would do – Produce Content, Publish, Promote, Reply to DMS, Connect with other Bloggers, Decide on Collabs, Analyse my work, Handle the Technicals, Be active on social media, Time to Time Investment of my time & money and much more. 

Believe me a proper job never gave me this much flexibility to do and manage things. I am surprised to do all of these above with a toddler to take care who is homeschooling this year.

Until then,
Happy Blogging!

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