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*** Kitchen Activity Series for Toddlers ***

Activity no – 1 ‘Make your own Pancakes’

Two days before, I just asked him if he would like to make his own breakfast and he was excited as much. Pancakes are quick and tasty as well.

We used a ready to make pancake mix where you only need to add water. Though you can make with whatever is available with you. Lot of millet pancakes are available for healthier version.

I let him involve completely except the gas part.

Things your kid will experience during this activity :-

🥞adding water
🥞wait patiently to let it cook
🥞decorate as per your choice
🥞Listen to your instructions
🥞Learn to take some help

Voila it’s done and now watch them have it with full heart.

Ingredients we used :-

Pancake mix : @bettycrockerindia
Chocolate sauce : @hersheysindia

Little involvement in kitchen will not only let them enjoy their meals but also know the effort goes behind making it. There would be some mess around but eventually they will learn to clean up that part also. It’s a win win for both.

Hope you like our little attempt in making kitchen activity fun with toddlers.

Until then,
Happy Cooking!

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