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*** Kitchen Activity Series for Toddlers ***

Activity 2 :- Fun Roti Making Session

I just set up this for him to come and explore. And he picked up the clue so well that he has to do something with the rolling pin and the dough. For more fun added some moulds & fork to make designs.

So we literally made two small roti’s watch till the end. Initially he played with the dough making different shapes and rolling it into balls.

Later on, I made round roti’s and gave him to punch the shape and than i cooked it for him.

Things your kid will experience during this activity:-

🍴Working on Fine motor skills.

🍴 Rolling & Digging in the dough.

🍴Make different shapes out of the moulds.

🍴Experience & observes how a roti is made.

🍴Great sensory experience for them.

🍴For more fun you can add food colours to make colourful roti’s as well. 🌈

🍴Also good for hands eye co-ordination, concentration. 

You can choose to just let them play with the dough and create different shapes. We choose not to waste it and hence cooked it.

Also, I choose to let him sit and make it in the kitchen. This will let them get familiar & comfortable in the kitchen. Hope you enjoyed this little fun session in the kitchen.

Until then,
Happy Cooking!

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