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*** DIY ART BOX ***

I had a couple of few empty boxes that were just lying around and going to get waste anyways. I thought of making use of them in a way to organise sharav’s few things.

Watch the full video to see how beautiful this box storage turned out into. This box not only helps keep all art supplies in one place but also creates a sense of responsibility in toddlers to keep the things back in the box again.

Things used to make this box –

1. Cardboard box
2. Gift Papers /Newspaper
3. Cello tapes
4. Fevicol

Things organized in this box –

🎨 Drawing book
🎨 Crayons
🎨 Water colours
🎨 Sponge brushes
🎨 Normal brushes
🎨 Old tooth brush/finger brush
🎨 Cotton buds
🎨 Messy mat
🎨 Rough cloth
🎨 Painting Apron
🎨 Colour palettes
🎨 Wipe & Colour Flash cards

Benefits of this Art Box –

🖌️ Encourages art in toddlers
🖌️ Sense of responsibility
🖌️ Learn to organise
🖌️ Get familiar with art supplies
🖌️ Gives their imagination wings

Sharav was thrilled to see all his colours and other accessories put together. It again encourages to pick the box and start painting whenever they feel like. 

Let me know how did you like this ‘DIY ART BOX’ in the comment below.

Until then,
Happy Artistic Week!

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