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*** My Transformation Journey ***

Every transformation or a change has a basic golden rule ‘To Start’ and not ‘Give Up’. This mantra will take you places believe me.

Talking about my journey, I was so lazy the first 6months after delivery that I least bother to look at myself. And this is the reason I don’t have any solo pictures clicked during that period.

Suddenly, I wasn’t happy the way I looked or carried myself with the attitude ab kaun dekhne wala hai… 🙄

But then few occasions came up and I literally couldn’t see myself in pictures anymore. I realised it’s high time to start working on my health.

After a great self realisation, I started off in Dec 2018 with my nutritionist @kirangigada . Also then i was  exclusive breastfeeding mom who had to nourish an infant at the same time.

So here the challenge was to not cut my calories yet loose weight without any gym or workouts. Slowly, I started off with small brisk walks with my baby & sometimes alone. So over few months my weight started loosing and yay the happiness was next level.

My major weight loss has unapologetically happened due to clean & mindful eating. Workout part was zero you can say apart from few non-consistent walks.

It took me almost 1yr+ to go from 82kgs to 64kgs and it’s no rocket science just a little control over your mind & being consistent in doing what’s good for your body.

I am so grateful for having such a patient nutritionist always supportive and going with my pace. Now that I have deliberately started workouts can’t wait to see the magic happening with clean eating + workouts.

Hope my little story will help you get start somewhere and may you find what you’re looking for in yourself.

Don’t forget to tune into our Live Session happening tmrw i.e 18th July,2020 @4pm.


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