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*** Mom Fitness Goals ***

This video will give you a brief idea of how really a mom can workout with an active toddler around.

You don’t really need to ignore or worry about them. All you can do is involve them and bond at times.

They themselves might pickup fitness from an early age you might never know.

So it’s been over three weeks that, I have started with home workouts. It’s no magic taking one day at a time.

I don’t know if it has already made any difference to my body but all I can feel is my energies getting channelized in a productive way.

Believe me the first two weeks just went into trail & error of different workouts.

After that one of my dear friend gave me a recommendation to follow someone who’s workout are pretty doable for beginners as well.

Her words will keep you going even when you feel like giving up. (Dm me to know about her)

I am currently following her 4 week transformation program where each day you work on different parts of your body.

Let’s see how my remaining weeks turn out to be. So far going good and hoping to continue the momentum.

Comment below what kind of workout/fitness suits you let’s know more about eachother.

Until then,
Let’s burn it out.

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