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*** Confetti Sticking Activity ***


This was super fun and colourful activity that we did yesterday. Confetti Rainbow in making and look how it turned out.

Things you will need :-

🌈 Rainbow printout/draw one.
🌈 Few gelatin cut into small pieces
🌈 Fevicol/ Fevi stick.

It can be a great invite to do it yourself activity for kids above 2.5+yrs. They just need to apply the glue and spread the colourful gelatin all over the rainbow.

It covers some montessori aspects of working on developing their fine motor, pincer grasp, congintive development.

This simple activity is majorly about sticking, feeling the gelatin texture and colours make it more attractive.

As mentioned great for their fine motor skills as it will stick to hands they will try to feel and remove it and sticking, pressing adds up to their coordination & concentration skills.

Also this can be done with various other craft materials like –

🌈 Thermocol Balls

🌈 Marble paper

🌈 Paints

🌈 Glitter

🌈 Cotton wash/ Cotton buds

🌈 Thumb impressions

🌈 Pom-poms

Sharav did this activity with the help of his dad.  You can always help and guide them incase they are least interested or not in mood.

Hope you will enjoy doing the many versions of this activity with your kids.


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