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*** Q & A about Toddler Learnings ***

This boy of mine keeps me amazed by his interest & curiosity everyday. Sharing few Q & A that I get asked often in dms.

1. How do you teach him concepts?
A. We introduce him once through books, activities, touch & feel objects, visual appearance, learning binder etc.

2. Does he sit for all activities?
A. Not everytime but most of the times I do it when he’s interested or sometimes he finds himself any chore/activity around the house.

3. When to start doing activities?
A. We started when he was 19months. Then onwards he was responsive & following instructions so it was fun.

4. How to plan Activities for toddlers?
A. Not necessary you need to plan. Toddler’s are smart enough to get themselves occupied and explore around the house. Don’t stress if you can’t plan any.

5. What kind of activities can be done?
A. Transferring, Sorting, Matching, Pouring, Sensory activities, Beading, Sticking, Blowing, Physical activities, Art & Craft, Simple house chores etc.

6. What if my kid doesn’t do/ not interested any of these things?
A. It’s completely ok. Every child’s interest & curiosity levels are different. I am sure few of the above mentioned points would be helpful in someway.

Above all follow your child’s lead and his/her interest and accordingly work around  it would be much smooth.

Every mom strives to teach the best of her abilities to the child so trust yourself and your journey.

Any more questions on home-schooling a toddler let me know in comments… 


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