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*** Mask – The New Normal ***

All these months, I din’t bother to get him wear a mask because it wasn’t necessary for kids below 2. Now that he’s above two and just keeps showing signs of going down it got me worried.

We love spending time on our terrace and that has been our savior for fresh air during the lockdown. Whenever, I use to make him wear he use to refuse and run away.

From last few days he’s started showing signs of trying it and I took the advantage of his interest and let him play with the mask asked him where to wear it and so on. 😷

So yesterday, when we were about to go to terrace. I said he will have to wear a mask only then we can go & this boy went himself took out the mask and choosed which one he wants to wear. 🙈

Again leaving me awestruck by his sense of understanding and adaptability to the new normal. He happily wore that mask for 20-25mins yesterday.

I felt so confused should I be happy that he learnt to wear a mask or should I be sad that this generation has to go through such situation at such a young age. 🤷

But anyways embracing the new normal and taking safety measures is in our hands and let our little one’s also start being much aware of the things around.

His mask is from that are super comfortable and breathable for kids. (Not sponsored review)


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