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*** Two years of Blogging ***

When, I started never thought how far I would be able to continue with blogging.

Honestly this was something I never had an idea until I became a mom. Still I am not sure how long I would be able to nurture my passion for writing.

All these years between studies & work I   hardly got any time to explore the social media as a platform to do something out of it.

After my delivery, I had all the time to scroll endlessly through instagram during breastfeeding my baby. I cannot sit idle for long and with maternity break social media became the only medium to stay connected with the world.

Slowly started off with sharing pictures, giving captions, writing short post moving on to full fledge blogpost, creating my own blog site. All this kept me occupied most of the times.

Today, when I look back there’s nothing to loose and gained so much in return. I was almost on the verge of loosing my self confidence as an individual after quiting my job.

Coming out and voicing my thoughts and experience has led me to build myself again in a way that now people acknowledge my work as a blogger.

Appreciation is the only reward that i look forward to earn for putting my efforts into keeping this page lively with my writings. No I don’t earn big money yet but some small opportunities come by.

What my future career holds I don’t know but for now let’s embrace blogging with full of positivity & love from eachother.

If you ever like my post & blogs do try and give a shout-out that would be my biggest reward from my followers.

Thank you!

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#mominflucener #bmiblog #momspresso #mumfie

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