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*** Breastfeeding Awareness ***

Throwback to when I was in full glory of my pregnancy. A lot of information is already out there about breastfeeding.

Sharing how i prepared myself & got confidence to breastfeed my baby successfully.

Initially when you’re pregnant all your attention and focus is you shall deliver safe and healthy baby. But what we lack to be prepare about is the later part that is feeding your baby.

Few things that helped me sailed through this journey :-

🤱 YouTube Videos/blogs – Search and invest your time in gaining knowledge about why breastfeeding, how to go about it & how to latch your baby. Lot of videos & articles are available online. This will help you prepare mentally.

🤱 Lactation Consultant – After delivery seeing a consultant would be of great help if you’re facing latching issues or you want to learn to breastfeed one on one practically. They can boost your confidence bursting some myths.

🤱 Prepare your partner – Now you think this is a mother’s job how can partner’s help. Partner’s can equally help mother’s to make their journey smooth by burping baby after feeds, waking up at nights, arranging for necessary things around etc. This helps implementing Co-parenting from day one.

🤱 Support system – It takes a village to raise a child and so don’t stress on doing everything on your own. Ask for help initially and be easy on yourself. Make sure who are going to be around you after delivery and how they can help you.

🤱 Observe your child’s pattern – Not every child feeds every two hours sometimes you need to feed on demand. Keep a check on their weight gain & number of times they pee & poop. This will help you know if your baby is well fed.

Above all these remember it’s not easy to get started immediately after delivery. It will take time and you learn about it, work on it, improve and bond with your baby over time.

Tag any new mom’s & mom to be’s who would find this post useful. Thanks!

Until then,
Happy Breastfeeding week!

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