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*** Happy Janmashtami ***

As per my instinct, I knew this boy wouldn’t let me get him dressed up and same happened finally settled for this kurta pyjama.

A phase where he’s becoming more stubborn & choosy for things you gotta deal with it.

Since, we can’t take our kids out yet we thought we can make a small set up at home and do pooja & let kids experience krishna janmashtami at home.

Thankful to my husband for helping me set up the whole thing. 😘

We had a round of dandiya before 12am and believe me this kids weren’t ready to drop the dandiya’s till the end. Infact they also sang Happy Birthday to Kanha ji. 🎉

A moment when each member of the family was present and enjoyed whole heartedly. 🥰

Every year we try and do something new with the festival that helps kids understand them more practically. 🙏

Love this candid capture while we tried diverting him for the actual picture. 🤦 (Toddler parents life story)

Happy Janmashtami 🎉


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