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*** Coloured Rice Sensory Play ***


This activity was suggested by @kaizen_learning perfect for a 2yr old to explore and have fun. Though we did some variations and played up in few other ways too.

Watch the videos to see all kinds of play we did with rice sensory play.

Also sharing some benefits of Rice Sensory Play:-

1. Encourages child to manipulate & explore the materials.

2. Tactile senses are developed (touch/feel) information is processed through their senses.

3. Helps them with their imaginations, creativity & critical thinking.

4.  Let’s them experiment with their language skills making different sounds & trying new words.

5. Best open ended & unstructured play allows them play without any limitations.

The activities that we did are :-

1. Pouring /Filling Cups – Very simple just place some spoons, cups or measuring cups around the tray and let them start pouring the rice into the cups.

2. Filling Excavator trucks – Wanna have more fun just place some Trucks around and ask them to fill them and let them see how these trucks work.

3. Finding Hidden Shapes – We had play doh shapes so I hide few basic ones and asked him to find out. Allows them to revise on shapes they already know.

4. Finding Hidden Alphabets/Numbers – Just hide few of them and let them find it out. If they recognise the alphabets ask for specific ones they should find.

5. Pretend Play Cup Cakes – Place some empty cupcake tins/ jars and ask them to fill for each family members or their friends.

All of these activities focus on developing their fine & gross motor skills, Hand-Eye co-ordination, Congintive Development.

Let us know in comments how you liked this activities and do tag us if try them.


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