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*** Happy Independence Day ***

I have been talking and showing him the Indian flag from few days. Then, I thought by making one he shall connect more to what I am saying him.

We really did a very simple activity to make Toddler version of flag.

Materials :-
1. Marble paper
2. Felt sheet
3. Fevicol

I had few felt sheets and took white as base and gave him to stick orange & green colour respectively.

So this way he enjoyed making a flag for himself and now knows the colours of our national flag.

Also have been teaching him on different national symbols of India. I also had few sheets printed which I have added to his binder makes it easier for him to learn.

Chanted few slogans to go with the Flag – ‘Jai Hind’ & ‘Vande Mataram’ 

Hope you loved watching my little indian doing his activity do try with your kids & tag us. ❤️

Happy 74th Independence Day everyone. 


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