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*** Once a teacher always a teacher ***

No wonder in childhood my favourite pretend play use to be teacher teacher…

And see how it played a major role in my teenage years & still gives me a feeling of being one.

Reminiscing when my days would start with a college later full time job and end with taking part time tutions.

This was basically with an angle of earning some pocket money but later it went on to being some serious work.

Some of my rules were straight even if kids had exams also my funda was clear only daily 2 hrs of study no extra teaching hours be it any damn big exam.

Daily studying & use to prepare question papers, take revisions & that’s all they needed to score good marks meaning all excellent scores.

Mom’s would go mad why I don’t take extra classes but I also use to assure them please have faith they have studied well & don’t stress during exams.

Have catered to all kinds of students from playschool till 8th std. There were days, I had started taking tutions in batches.

Six years of continuous juggling between studies, work & teaching. This busy schedule did teach me to be more dedicated, determined & thoughtful in life.

However, I stopped teaching 8years back when started with a proper job because then I hardly use to get time for myself.

But since two years, I feel the teacher inside me is still somewhere working day & night on ideas, activities while raising an active toddler.

So it’s obvious, I don’t spare my own child from the teacher inside me… 🤣

Sometimes, I am all happy go lucky mom but sometimes I prefer to be strict with some things. 🤫🤫

Over all, from being a teacher to being a mom this journey is still going strong.

Happy Teachers Day! ✨


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