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*** Tirchi Topi Wale ***

Not everyday we go down for a walk but when we do this boy makes sure to choose what he wants to wear.

No wonder the tirchi topi that he kept all the time intact. People have fussy eaters & I have a fussy cloth picker if that is any term… 🤣

Showing colours of terrible two’s every other day. Does everything on his own will and mood no one can do anything above that. Whines like there’s an end to the world.

Yet we are holding on and enjoying the little happy moments in between all this mood swings. How much ever we give them toys & books & screen time at the end they are frustrated too with very less freedom to move outdoors.

Glad that he has sisters around and they keep entertaining each other somehow.

Sometimes, I do get worried how would he socialize after being so many months at home with no new faces around.

How are your toddler’s being at home & what are you’re thoughts on their social life??


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