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*** Are you a diversified Spiritual Parent??? ***

For me the answer to above question would be yes and it’s more of a belief system that you cultivate over the years.

Since we live in country which is a blend of many beautiful cultures it is bound to happen that we start praying and celebrating various festivals irrespective of your born religion.

So we try and inculcate the same belief in our kids by taking them to different religious places & teach them the different ways of celebrating any festival.

But what intrigued me is once the kids start with their academic journey the spiritual or cultural lessons gets sidelined and most parents also don’t bother to make their kids learn the basics of their religion.

Thinking already they have so much to study why to bother them with this religious learnings. I completely agree with the pressure that they going through specially with the online schools.

The best part is we know kids grasp the most during their early years then why do we forget to build their spiritual intellect.

Another fun fact with this technology generation is we don’t expect them to recite long long sutras but instead atleast know few basic details about the gods, their stories, life events and so on.

I would not expect my child to recite something he’s unaware of or just mugged up rather know one or two facts right and able to spread that ahead.

There are so many life lessons and skills to be learnt from mythology stories. We just need to discover their interest and let them choose their path when they grow up.

What’s your take on being a diversified spiritual Parent?


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