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*** Mess Free Activity ***


Lolly Pop Sticks – A super easy set up with only two things required straws/sticks & Balloons.

How to Play – Ask your child to insert the sticks into the balloon or you hold the balloon and let them place the sticks. Yay done make as many colours you have & enjoy.

Later, he also went on to share them with his daadi & daddy.

How does it help – Works on their Fine motor skills, Pincer grasp, Coordination of senses, Concentration, Let’s them imagine & less mess for mom’s too.

This was just done out of boredom & lazy to set up any activity rather interest him in activity for sometime but turned out super engaging for him.

This can be modified and played in many more ways like use them for counting, matching, alphabet recognising & colour sorting etc.

Hope you like this activity do try with your kids & tag me.


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