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*** All About Shapes ***


We did few activities around shapes and they turned around super engaging for the little one.

I don’t stress much on academic topics as he is still only 2.3 yrs and I know today or tmrw he shall learn them anyhow.

But what I make sure to do is keep talking & showing him things around and eventually he starts knowing about the concept.

1. Match the Shapes – He knows basic shapes & keeps doing the puzzle. This time I drew same shapes on another page & asked him to match and he was able to do it.

2. Find the Shapes – He loves playing with anything that gives a sensory experience to him. So I hide few shapes and asked him to find out as I call out the names. He enjoyed doing this also was keen on hiding them again.

3. Fill the Shapes – We used the puzzle board to fill the Shapes with hands & spoons. Another fun way to let them explore different shapes. Similar thing can be done with setting up a shapes tray & let them pour in different things inside.

Over all these activities are a mix of sensory & montessori way of learning.

So do try and let us know if you enjoyed it with your kids & don’t forget to tag us.


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