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*** Caught in Action ***

First they will ask why you doing it??


They will ask how you did it??

Agree? 😉

That’s what most of them think when I am on my phone.

It’s a basic fact that we stay at home mom’s don’t get dedicated work hours and in between 10 other things (not to forget the su-su & potty wash calls) while we have to keep a check on our phones as well.

However, it’s such a funny thing that people get offended by you using your own phone & manage to get some work done. 😂

This phone itself has given so much to me that I get to work & connect with people without stepping out of my house & also looking after my toddler.

So next time you see someone (specifically mom’s) on their phone better not pass a judgement without knowing anything about their work.

For you she may be just a stay at home mom but for the world outside she may be an amazing Mompreneur owning up to her skills.

A loud cheer for all such silent mompreneurs who manage to rock both worlds with the same amount of efforts, love, sweat & care.

Cheers 🎉

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