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*** 2020 Holiday Checklist ***

It’s unlock happening everywhere and with that we also gathered some courage to step out and took a small weekend road trip to Lonavala.

Sharing list of things that you can keep handy wherever you plan to go with a kid along:-

πŸŽ’ Make sure you don’t have any cold symptoms.
πŸŽ’ Opt for Road travels & Short trips.
πŸŽ’ Sanitizer Spray/Disinfectant Spray.
πŸŽ’ Hand sanitizer.
πŸŽ’ Lots of Ready to eat food packets.
πŸŽ’ Hot & Cold Bottles/Thermos (for Milk/Water).
πŸŽ’ Electric Cooker (to make basic items – rice, porridge, khichdi etc).
πŸŽ’ Knife/Peeler/Spoons (handy to have Cucumber, Apples & other fruits).
πŸŽ’ Multiple Masks for the no. of days.
πŸŽ’ If travelling on Ghat areas keep/give Lollypops (if your kid feels sickness).
πŸŽ’ Baby Wipes & diaper disposable bags.
πŸŽ’ Pack some dry snacks, ladoo’s & dryfruits which you can have on the go.
πŸŽ’ Caps & Raincoat for kids.
πŸŽ’ Keep regular vomit, fever, cold& cough medicines along.
πŸŽ’ Take their few fav toys & books along.
πŸŽ’ Check your rooms are well sanitized & cleaned before checking in.
πŸŽ’ While your stay make sure to get the room clean twice a day to avoid any risk.
πŸŽ’ After the room service spray disinfectant spray all over knobs & handles etc.

Voila you’re good to go just make sure to avoid crowded areas or locations. Your safety is in your hands and travel at your own risk.

We made sure to wear mask & sanitize our hands. Also car was well sanitized before starting the trip & daily sanitized by disinfectant spray.

So with mindful precautions you can move around with taking care of your safety at your own discretion.

Don’t forget covid is still there but we all need some breather and so a short trip with all precautions should be fine.

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