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*** Admire the Nature’s Beauty ***

He looked around the greenary,
He soaked into it’s natural beauty.

Small flowers caught his attention,
Not one inhibition in his intention.

As little butterflies fluttered around,
He ran to catch them on the ground.

He kept admiring every little creature,
Fed his curiosity with their unique feature.

He walked into the pastures all alone,
The winds that kept him mind blown.

A date that felt so fresh & colourful,
Oh nature you’re so wonderful.

I hope to keep coming back to you,
To admire the beauty in your blue.

My small experience filled the gap,
May, I grow many folds in your lap.

This was our morning ritual while going for breakfast. Developing love & care towards nature can start as early as it interests you.

We learn everywhere & from everything.
Above are some of his experience shared.

What’s your take on admiring nature & it’s beauty? Comment below.


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